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We are here for YOU!
It is our mission to provide top level support to our ever growing team, because in YOUR success, we ALL flourish!

You can join our team as a Retail Customer, a Distributor that only purchases for personal use but wants the discounts and perks, or a Distributor that wants to build a profitable business by sharing Young Living. We are readily available to all team members to answer questions, offer advice on how to use your oils, share in success stories using your oils or support you in your business venture! Join Today!

Our History

We were founded out of a need – Amy Keel, a twenty six year essential oil user and natural wellness advocate joined Young Living in 2013. She loved the product in comparison with oil brands she had previously been using, and joined YL simply as an oil user. She had no idea the business potential of YL, nor had she had any experience with the multi level sales platform.

Amy started Oil Spoiled when she realized that her team was beginning to grow, (despite her lack of knowledge in the business building arena). She saw many people out there who wanted to benefit from the use of essential oils but didn’t really know HOW. Time and again she saw team members sign up, get their kit, and FREEZE – because they weren’t sure what to do with their oils once they received them! The need was there for an overall platform, regardless of experience or desire to share the business, for team members to come together and get the support they need individually based on their own level of experience. Oil Spoiled was born!

Our team is now growing rather quickly across the US and we would love to have you as a member! All of the exclusive benefits outlined on this site are available to you just by joining our team! You don’t have to sell Young Living, you just have to have the desire to learn how to use these amazing oils for yourself, your family, and even your pets! We have team members who have been using YL for years and have no desire to sell… and we have team members whose business is taking off! That’s entirely up to you – our whole purpose is to give you the network of support you need in your journey!

Our Vision

Our vision is to not only offer top of the line support for our growing team members, but to be there for the one on one Q&A that happens with the daily use of essential oils. We want members to be safe and confident in their choices of how to use essential oils in their daily routine.

It is our goal to create USERS of essential oils, by providing them the information they need to get started and continue to grow in the healthy lifestyle that includes daily use of essential oils!

Our community is here for you! Exclusive one on one support is only a phone call, text, PM, post or email away! When you become a member of our team you gain access to our ENTIRE team and their experiences – support is what we are all about! We offer an exclusive Facebook group for members, a members only section of our web site, club specific marketing collateral should you be a business builder, one on one support as well as exclusive tried and true recipes, how to’s and oil tips!

It is part of our vision to eliminate your learning curve and get you oiling with confidence in no time! When you join Oil Spoiled, we also send you a free gift – just for joining our team! Check out our public Facebook page for information on the current gift for joining. We look forward to having you on board!

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Some Fun Facts about Young Living and Essential Oils:
Countries Where Young Living is Avaliable
Number of Individual Essential Oils
Active Young Living Members in 2014
97 %
of Aromatherapists use Lavender EO
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